Party Hard Soundtrack

Music is a huge part of keeping me productive, and sometimes I like to make playlists specifically for certain projects. So here’s a Spotify playlist for Party Hard along with a scene list. I recommend reading while listening.

Track 1: Title page

Track 2: Hunters Canyon

Track 3: MaxDamage24 theme (the scalefang fight)

Track 4: Traveling through Valain

Track 5: Kira theme

Track 6: The meeting

Track 7: Farnsworth theme

Track 8: GingerSnap theme (the Everleigh Club)

Track 9: Kegan theme

Track 10: Corvin theme

Track 11: The quest begins

Track 12: Famine

Track 13: Tight spaces – claustrophobia

Track 14: The pendant

Track 15: Plague

Track 16: Death 1

Track 17: Death 2

Track 18: War

Track 19: Into the sphere

Track 20: Becoming more

Track 21: Pain

Track 22: Relief

Track 23: Sorry

Track 24: The end

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