My first series, Pixel Dust, is a GameLit story with light LitRPG elements.

Now, I know what you’re wondering… Dave, What the hell is GameLit and LitRPG?

Well, random visitor, I’m glad you asked.

GameLit is any story that has game mechanics that are important to the plot. It’s a new and emerging genre that’s really fun for a nerd like me to explore. Overall it contains multiple sub-genres, one of which is LitRPG.

LitRPG is similar to GameLit, but it’s a little more restrictive. Now the definition is a little hard to nail down since there are so many opinions on the subject, but ultimately it boils down to two points:

  • First, it has to involve RPG mechanics, which means that the story might take place within a video game or in a fantasy world that operates using a game-like system.
  • Second, there must be progression, meaning that the main characters must become stronger through the use of that system. It could be that they level up, gain new abilities, or just discover new items.


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